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  • Cosmetics


    Welcome to Chesir Cosmetic Grade

    Chesir offers a wide range of cosmetic-grade portfolio to enhance your beauty:

    – Effect pigments for cosmetics in decorative application.

    – Synthetic mica powder for fillers

    Our products consist of the following brands: ChesColor, ChesMatt, ChesSpher and ChesMica with their high quality and incredible performance.?

    Cosmetic Pigments and Fillers

    Chesir provides you with a large series of effect material’ products including effect pigments for special use and functional fillers which can help you to represent future trend and add unbeatable color to your products. Chesir cosmetic pigments, with their reliable properties, can be applied in all kinds of cosmetics and personal care products to promote their luster, color and shine.

    If you want to enhance the skin feel, wear property of your finished products and make them distinct from others, Chesir functional fillers is a good choice for you. We present to you ChesMatttm, ChesSphertmwith effects of instant wrinkle hiding and texture improvements.

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