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  • Development History

    September, 2021 —— Chesir co-established a “ZJU-CHESIR? RESEARCH&DEVELOPMENT CENTER” with Zhejiang University


    July,2021 —— Global New Material International Holdings Limited(Stock Code: 06616.HK) was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange?


    December,2020 —— Chesir was awarded the title of “National Model Worker’s Home”


    October, 2020 —— Chesir was awarded the title of“Advanced Private Enterprise in Poverty Alleviation In Guangxi”


    September,2020 —— Chesir was authorized as“State-level High-tech Enterprise”again


    July,2020 —— Chesir was awarded “Gaungxi Most Potential Private Enterprise in 2018”


    November,2019 —— The project of pearl effect material with annual output of 30,000 tons in phase II of Chesir was started


    September,2019 —— Chesir was awarded “Guangxi Most Potential Private Enterprise in 2019” and “Guangxi Top 100 Private Enterprises in manufacturing industry in 2019?


    September,2018 —— Chesir was awarded “Gaungxi Most Potential Private Enterprise in 2018”


    September,2017 —— Chesir co-established a “Chesir New Material R&D Center” with Hubei University of Technology


    December,2016 —— Chesir Europe S.A.S was established


    August,2016 —— Chesir was awarded with the “Guangxi Famous Brand Product”


    August, 2015 —— Chesir was authorized as a provincial “Enterprise Technology Center”


    February, 2015 —— Chesir was listed in National Equities Exchange and Quotations of China


    October, 2014 —— Chesir was authorized as a state-level high-tech enterprise?


    August, 2014 —— Chesir finished its stockholding reform and transformed into “Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd.” with limited shares


    April, 2014 —— Chesir co-established a “Postdoctoral Center”with Peking University


    March, 2014 —— Project of annual output of 5,000 tons synthetic micastarted?


    October,2013 —— Chesir’s wholly-owned subsidiary “Shanghai MulticolorPearl Effect Material Co., Ltd” was established??


    March, 2012 —— Listed in the Twelfth“Five-Year ” Key Construction Projects of Liuzhou City


    March, 2011 —— Guangxi Chesir Pearl Material Co., Ltd. was established